Monthly Archives : July 2015


Panther Hunter

Photos: fantastic @mmarlikowski Full Cap / Czapka z daszkiem – New Yorker Playsuit / Kombinezon – H&M Blouse / Bluzka – Mohito Watch / Zegarek – Mohito Slip-on Sneakers / Trampki – New Look (Zalando)   Colors, prints and patterns… I love bold outfits! 😀 Ok, maybe today colors are a bit toned-down, but this is panther who suppose to…


Baby, it’s Hot in Here!

  Photos: my fantastic @mmarlikowski T-shirt / Koszulka – H&M Shorts / Spodenki – Cropp Slip-on Sneakers / Trampki – DeeZee Sunnies / Okulary – Cropp   I love summer! Really! 😀 But summer in the city is sometimes so withering… 😉 In such conditions the only tip to survive is: dress as loosely as you can! 🙂 So to…